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What is the Folding Process?

The folding process comes from the idea that our culture is forming our children’s minds and folding up their hearts. This is separating them from family and God, leaving our children exhausted and empty.


Our children are being raised in a cultural environment different than what we have ever experienced. They are being taught that there is no absolute truth, they are not part of a bigger story, and that they should worship themselves – everything revolves around them. They are being trained to fold inward. The word fold means to bend over on itself so that one part of it covers another. As our children are being formed to look like the world, this is exactly what their heart looks like as well – folding within itself, covering up the deepest parts, hardening itself to God and the family.


What Does Unfolding Look Like?

To unfold means to open or spread out from a folded position. This is a slow process of reversing what’s already happened, or proactively preparing for what’s to come. Culture longs to form our children’s hearts to fold inward, so we must create a process to unfold our children’s hearts outward.


Research shows that when experiences are connected to content, our learning is significantly more efficient and productive. So, we’ve created a unique way of discipleship to engage your children’s head, heart, and hands through fun and creative activities, and deep gospel-centered conversations. As the world desires to fold our children's hearts within, this unique form of discipleship aims to unfold our children’s hearts to the love of God and your family.


When I Sign Up, What Should I Expect?

When you join Unfold the Family you will begin a journey to unfolding your children’s hearts. You will receive one email per week with a passage of Scripture, the goal for that week, the activity you will play with your children, and the intentional questions to unfold your children’s heart. This will be simple, creative, fun, and deep. This will help you create within your family a weekly discipleship rhythm uniquely combining fun, creative activities, and intentional conversations that point your children to Jesus. We know how busy your lives are, so most of these lessons will be thirty to sixty minutes and allow you to use supplies you may already have at home. Our target ages for the lessons are four years old to twelve years old, but we believe your whole family will enjoy this time together! 

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